You're always on the go. Us too.

We believe that yoga is for you - no matter where you are. We created Argosy Yoga as a way to share our practice with our constantly growing community. We can't be contained by four walls and we don't believe you should be either. Argosy isn't a studio. Rather, it's the way we strive to live our lives - free, open, & connected to each other as well as the natural beauty around us. Whoever you are and wherever you're from, you're welcome here. Come out of the box with us.

Paige Derouin

Early in her career as a high school biology teacher, Paige began trying yoga as a method of self-care and stress relief. She quickly realized how big of an impact a consistent yoga practice could have on overall wellness, and wanted to help others experience the immense benefits she was gaining from spending time on her mat. She completed her 200-hour teacher training in 2017 and has been sharing her yoga with the Raleigh community ever since. As an instructor, Paige loves that she is able to combine her passion for mindful movement with her knowledge of human biology and anatomy. Because everybody is unique, Paige strives to create classes that empower students of all ages to find shapes that build strength, create space, and feel great - regardless of how they look.


Noah Trimner

Early into Noah's journey for practicing Yoga, he knew he wanted to share this with others, especially athletes and Crossfitters who don't get enough mobility training. Noah completed his 200-hour training through 2020 while renovating Argosy with Paige. He is also the mastermind behind all of the cold brew concoctions on draft with Argosy and works with local businesses and roasters to bring truly unique drinks to Argosy's taps.